Cutie Pies!

The Littlest Seahawks Fans!

Go Seahawks!

Tori and Trista love to watch football with Daddy! As a matter of fact, they love to do anything with Daddy! When he is gone at work they will stand and point out the window yelling “Daddy”! How do you explain to a 16 month old that Daddy is at work and will not be home for 2 days?

They are by far the joys of our lives! Many evenings we just sit and laugh at them because they are doing yet another cute thing!

God has blessed our lives with the best daughters I could ever ask for!

Simple Joys in Life!

Oh, to be a child again! To play and have no fears, worries, or troubles! To be honest I wouldn’t change being “Mommy” to these two beautiful girls! They bring such joy to my life!

The simple thing such as their laughter brings a smile to my face! They play well together and I know they definately love each other!

They remind me that each day is a gift, not a chore! Or something to be dreaded! We make the choice each day as to how we will react to circumstances around us! I choose to be joyful and full of love! Children teach us so much about ourselves and just life in general!

Take some time to spend just an hour or two with a little one in your life! I guarantee they will change your outlook on life!