Cutie Pies!

The Littlest Seahawks Fans!

Go Seahawks!

Tori and Trista love to watch football with Daddy! As a matter of fact, they love to do anything with Daddy! When he is gone at work they will stand and point out the window yelling “Daddy”! How do you explain to a 16 month old that Daddy is at work and will not be home for 2 days?

They are by far the joys of our lives! Many evenings we just sit and laugh at them because they are doing yet another cute thing!

God has blessed our lives with the best daughters I could ever ask for!


One thought on “Cutie Pies!

  1. They are precious indeed!! As far as having to explain a seperation.. I have a few tricks up my sleave. (military mom for the past 9yrs) so I can give you some ideas that will help explain the time….but they are very cute little fans!!


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