Looking Good at the Park!

Hey do we look COOL or what?

Tori and Trista love to hang out at the park! And boy don’t they look stylish in their sun glasses and sun hats!

Denali National Park

What a Beautiful Mother’s Day!
Thank you!

We ventured down to Denail National Park on Mother’s Day. It was a beautiful day to be out. I was excited to use my new camera! I have so much to learn about it, but I am having fun experimenting! We drove into the park and saw some moose and caribou. I was hoping for a bear, but no luck! We drove as far as we could on the road and then took the girls for a little walk. They really seemed to enjoy being able to “hike” around. It turned out to be a long day, but I enjoyed every part of it!
Here is a view of Mt. McKinnley on the way home. It was about 11 pm.

A wonderful shot of the moon that night!