Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way – Lifestyle & Motivation – FitFacts – American Council On Exercise(ACE)

Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way – Lifestyle & Motivation – FitFacts – American Council On Exercise(ACE)

Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way

Are you one of those people who resolve to get back into shape every time the New Year comes around—but for some reason fail to accomplish that goal every year? If so, perhaps you might need to adjust the strategy you use when setting these hard-to-reach objectives.

One proven way to set effective goals is using the SMART goal method. This method will allow you to take those vague ideas and transform them into reality.
SPECIFIC: The goals must specifically state what is to be accomplished. They must be easily understood and should not be ambiguous or subject to interpretation. For example, rather than stating you would like to improve your fitness level, set a specific goal to be able to run a mile in 12 minutes.
MEASURABLE: The goals must be measureable so that there is no doubt about whether you achieved them. Measurable goals also allow you to evaluate your progress. Goals can be measured objectively or subjectively (i.e., how you feel and look), or both. For example, you could measure your percent body fat and body weight, but also monitor how your pants fit.
ATTAINABLE: The goals must be attainable—not too difficult or too easy. Easy goals do not motivate, and overly difficult ones may frustrate you and lead to a perception of failure.
RELEVANT: The goals must be relevant or pertinent to your particular interests, needs and abilities. For example, when preparing for a 5K walk, running quarter-mile sprints would not be the best approach
TIME-BOUND: The goals must be time-bound by specific deadlines for completion. Timelines can be both short-term and long-term and should help you stay focused and on track.


If you feel like you are doing everything possible to attain that SMART goal but are still coming up short, perhaps you need a reality check. Try keeping a diet and exercise journal for one week and check to see if you are actually maintaining a program that will get you where you want to be. You can use websites such as, which will help you record and analyze your diet and exercise.

Behavioral vs. Physiological

People often start a program with the intention of making a change, but struggle to stick with it. Remember, it is only when you decide that you are ready to make a real commitment to this change and do it for yourself that you expect results. Without a real resolution to change, you will likely encounter many obstacles and barriers that will make sticking with the program difficult. Consider the following tips if you are thinking about starting a program:

  • Ask yourself why you want to make this change an who you are doing it for.
  • Write down a list of all the benefits you foresee with making this change and a list of costs (e.g., time, effort and money) that will be required to do so. If the balance swings in favor of the benefits, you are likely to stick with the program.
  • Identify a support system. Find individuals of significance in your life who will support your desire to change and perhaps even join you.
  • Select some rewards for achieving major steps in your program. Recognize your achievements with treats such as a purchase, attending a function or even taking a trip. Such rewards will help you stay motivated during the beginning of your program.
  • Visibly place prompts and cues that constantly remind you of the decision you made to change, and remove any stimuli that may trigger undesirable behaviors. For example, placing visible notes or keeping a workout bag accessible will prompt good behavior, while removing ice cream from the freezer may remove a negative stimulus.

More tips at ACE Fitness!

Just Keep it Simple

The key to being successful at your weight loss and fitness goals is fairly easy…Just Keep it Simple! Sure you say…simple, yeah right! Well, let me give you a few insights of my weight loss journey.

I joined Weight Watchers November 13, 2008. I reached Lifetime in August 2009. Before I reached goal, I decided that I wanted to work for Weight Watchers. I wanted to give back what my leader, Bev, did for me! She helped me to believe in myself and to encourage me along the way. I have been working as a receptionist since January. I am so excited to be going to Leader Training this weekend in Seattle!

So back to the keeping it simple! To be successful on your journey you do not need any fancy, special foods! Skinless chicken breast is awesome! There are so many different ways to prepare it! Try to stick to whole grains…whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice! The more fiber it has in it, the better! Fruits and veggies are always a great choice and very convenient for those of us on the go!

Some of you may have read that my doctor has recently put me on a yeast-free diet. Well, I feel like I can’t eat anything! I am so happy that Weight Watchers is not like that! You can eat whatever you want! NO foods are off limits! With that being said, you must know that you have a daily points target and all foods have a points value. So the decision is up to you on how you want to spend your points! I have been struggling with what to eat now that I have to cut out yeast and sugar. I realized the other day…Just Keep it Simple! So, tonight I made turkey burgers, topped it with some avocado, along with steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato. I must say it was quite yummy! If you are struggling with what you can eat, or what to make for your family for dinner, Just Keep it Simple! Also, check out the recipes on Weight Watchers!

When it comes to exercise the same principle applies…Just Keep it Simple! There is no need for you to run out an purchase an expensive gym membership or buy tons of fancy at home equipment. To start out all you need is a good pair of walking shoes and some hand weights. Remember to always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program. Instead of watching TV after dinner, why not take a walk around the neighborhood. Hand weights are great for some resistance training at home. Why not do a few lunges and biceps curls, or bent over rows and squats?

The key is finding something that you enjoy to do so that you will stick with it! I highly encourage you to have a buddy to help keep you accountable on your food and workouts! So what are you waiting for? Lets get moving! I look forward to hearing about your success!

Challenge for the week: I want you to visualize your goals. Write them down on an index card along with the reason you are making the change to be healthy! Place it in a place that you will see it every day! When you are tempted to eat something you know you probably shouldn’t or to skip out on your workout, pull the index card out to help you refocus and to get back on track!

I want you to know that I am doing this with you!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mom’s out there! Today is your day…You Rock! Today has been a very testing day for me…not my usual Mother’s Day. Usually we go to church as a family, go out to breakfast, and then head down to Denali Park for the day! Boy, I guess I really do miss Alaska! Not only are we in a new state this year, but Tim was only home for an hour today and then gone! He was at work that last 3 days and had to fly to Colorado Springs, CO for some training today! He doesn’t get home until Wednesday night!

Mother’s Day is always emotional for me since the relationship with my mom is pretty much non-existent. But today was even worse! We were not able to do our own family celebrations! Plus, I had some very naughty little girls on my hands today! When it was suppose to be nap time, the girls went into the kitchen, got up on the counter, emptied a few cabinets, but what they really got into was my vitamins! I had several different vitamins and supplements on my rack and they decided to open them all and mix them in a big cup! Oh, it was only about $110 down the drain!

So, what a day it has been! On the upside, it was so nice out today that this afternoon I laid out in the back yard! Hurray for SUMMER! And I just found out our wedding pictures are done! Can’t wait to see them!

Toni & Sally’s Music Video – V*ENNA

My best friend from college, Sally and I making our music video that was just a few years overdue! Thanks for coming out for the wedding! I had so much fun!

One of those days…

Oh boy, what a day it has been! I feel like I have been run over by a truck! A big truck at that! When the girls came in my room this morning to say they were ready for breakfast I just wanted to pull the blankets over my head and sleep!

I did eventually pull myself out of bed and made some eggs and hash browns for the family. I had a scrambled egg beaters on a corn tortilla. I managed to clean up the kitchen, sweep and mop, and do laundry! The best part of all, I got a 2 hour nap! Let me tell you I still feel quite tired and run down…can’t wait for it to be bedtime!

Tonight I made a batch of weight watcher mini chocolate chip cookies for the family…I added some peanut butter to them tonight too! I admit I did take a “taste” of the dough. I thought I little taste won’t make a big difference, right? After all, there isn’t much sugar in them and just a small amount of chocolate. Well, I was wrong! That little “taste” was not a good idea! It seemed as is almost immediately I gut expanded…like bread dough rising! YUCK! That was enough for me…I will be staying to the plan of no yeast or sugar very closely!

I did manage to make a yummy dinner to end the day! I tried a new recipe from weight watchers. Chicken Tostadas! I had to make a few modifications for me, but they were a huge hit with everyone! I will definitely be making them again!

I guess even though I wanted to just stay in bed today, it was a pretty good day! I didn’t get a workout in, but I needed some rest too! Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day! Day 4 of no yeast, sugar, coffee….