A Day Picking Berries and Cherries!

Saturday we went to Bill’s Berry Farm for the Blueberry Festival!  We had so much fun picking blueberries and Bing cherries!  This was definitely a different experience than picking blueberries in the wild in Alaska!  We ended up with 16 3/4 pounds of blueberries!  The kids did great picking them too!  TJ even got in on the action and did good about not picking the green ones! 

When we had finished picking blueberries we took a break for our lunch, but first the girls had to go on a pony ride!  They had so much fun!  TJ had fun checking out a chicken that got out of the fence while the girls rode ponies!

When we had finished with our picnic lunch we headed into the cherry trees!  I am not sure who had more fun picking cherries…the kids or mommy!  I had to admit that I have never picked cherries before or really seen them on the trees still.  Tim lifted the kids up so they could pick some too.  Some of the branches were low enough that Tori and Trista could reach them.  We ended up going home with 25 1/2 pounds of cherries!  Today I spent the day freezing the blueberries, and pitting and freezing cherries! 

I am so excited to have fresh fruit this summer….that is relatively cheap!