Is it Really Time for Bird Nest Cookies?

Wow, it seems like we just made these.  Once again, it is time to make the famous Bird Nest Cookies and this year the girls decided we needed to make Bird Nest Cupcakes too! 
I had no clue what Bird Nest Cookies were before I met my wonderful husband.  The recipe is actually one from his mom and she got it from her mother.  The first year I experience the cookies it was a family affair!  It was so much fun to make the cookies with everyone! 
This year I had to experiment and made a gluten-free batch.  Tori and I are both gluten-free in our family, but since I am not eating cookies due to my training I wasn’t going to make them at first.  After I thought about that how could I take away a family tradition just because she is not eating gluten.  She actually loves the cookies made just for her!
Do you have any Easter family traditions?

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