Fajita Friday


A few days late, but Friday was Fajita Friday at our house.  We were gone during the afternoon & didn’t make it home until around 5. I already had the steaks thawing when we were gone. I started the brown rice as soon as we got home since it takes about 40 minutes or so to cook. I sprinkled the steaks with salt, pepper & some garlic.  (We use grass-fed beef. We buy a half a beef from a local farmer.) I washed up the peppers and cut them in half and sliced up an onion. I used a variety of green,  yellow, and red peppers.   I roasted the veggies (@400 degrees until they started to get browned) while I grilled the steaks. Some used tortillas for their fajitas but I had mine with brown rice.

I added lots of cilantro to my plate! They were so delicious & healthy!

If you are following the 21 day fix, I used 1 yellow for rice, 2 green for veggies,  2 red for the steak,  & 2 tsp of coconut oil when I roasted the veggies.


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