Chicken Salad Wrap


Today I threw together a quick and easy lunch! Did I mention it also tastes amazing?  You can use leftover chicken breast,  rotesserrie chicken,  or canned chicken (like tuna just make sure you get low sodium). The kids even thought this was a very yummy lunch!

Chicken Salad Wrap serves 1

1 red container of chicken breast minus 1 Tbps
1 Tbps of greek yogurt
1/2 purple container of sliced grapes
1/2 green container of chopped onions and celery
1/2 green container of lettuce
1 flatout wrap

Mix the chicken, greek yogurt,  grapes, onions and celery together.  Place lettuce on the wrap. Put the chicken mixture on top of the lettuce.  (You will have extra, I just ate mine plain.) Roll up wrap and enjoy!

1 red, 1 green,  1 yellow,  1/2 purple


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