Banana Pancake Roll-Ups


Today I was looking at the sad bananas  in the fruit bowl. They were much to brown for my liking.  I normally would have made banana bread before 21 day fix.  But today I wanted to make a healthy fix approved meal! Meet the Banana Pancake Roll-Ups! 

Banana Pancake Roll-Ups serves 1

1/2 banana,  mashed well
2 eggs, beaten
Cinnamon,  I didn’t measure I just added a bunch! I love cinnamon!

Mix well making sure the banana is all mashed.  Heat a pan with a tsp of coconut oil on low. Pour a small amount of the batter into the pan. Do not flip too soon. I waited until it didn’t look too wet on top. Roll up & sprinkle with more cinnamon. Number of pancakes depends on how big you make them.

I was going to make extras so I had a healthy snack ready in the fridge,  but the kids finished them off.

1 red, 1 purple and 1 tsp

Try them with some Greek yogurt filling and berries too!


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