Meal Planning 4/29 to 5/5

Meal planning,  I will admit it isn’t my favorite thing to do! But I have found that it helps with three things 1. Helps me to stay on budget when shopping 2. Helps me to know what to make for dinner each night 3. Helps me to stay on track!


I don’t have a set way of doing my meal planning.  To be honest it really depends on how much time the baby gives me to plan! I usually start by gathering my 21 day fix & 21 day fix extreme books.  If you are just starting out be sure to read over the foods allowed.  Try to pick foods from the top 1/3 of each list when making your meal plan.


The calendar set up helps so I make sure I am getting all my containers in each day. You can find blank ones to print out here.  Just because I put a meal on a certain day doesn’t mean I have to make it that day. I am flexible! Also you may have noticed my week doesn’t start on a Monday.  That is okay!  I do my grocery shopping either Monday or Tuesday.  Do what works for you!


After I have gathered my plan books I like to jot down in a notebook what things I plan to make for the week.  I use the plan books for ideas as well as pinterest!  Remember the meals do not need to be complicated!  Many times I just cook up some chicken breast, steamed vegetables & make a baked sweet potato!

I will work on getting the recipes I use posted for you!  If your family is hesitant to try the new foods,  get them involved in the planning,  shopping & preparing of the meals! My 3 older kids love to help in the kitchen and we discuss why certain foods are better for us than others.

I like to use leftovers from dinner for my lunches. So I tend to double the dinner recipes.  And if for some reason we don’t end up having one of the meals this week, I just shift it to the next week since I already have the ingredients on hand.

Here is the order I try to plan my meals:
1. List dinners.
2. Map out the meals. You can use the weekly printable calendar. I like to add the colored dots for each container.
3. Fill in breakfast.
4. Fill in post-workout meal. (I have my Shakeology then.)
5. Fill in lunches. (Remember leftovers from dinner work great!)
6. Fill in your toughest containers.
7. Fill in your favorite containers.
8. Fill in the rest.
9. Double check to make sure you haven’t missed any containers.
10. Create your grocery list!


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