Egg Veggie Toast


Yum-o breakfast!  This is my second meal for today. (My first was Apple Overnight Oats). After I bought the alfalfa sprouts I have been craving this meal! It is amazing easy & yummy. My eggs are from our happy chickens!  We have about 17 that our laying now and about 40 more that should be laying in the next few weeks/months.  Along with 10 turkeys!

Egg Veggie Toast serves 1

1 green container of chopped peppers and onions
2 pieces of Killer Dave bread,  toasted
2 eggs, over easy (mine are not always pretty,  but at least they are tasty. )
Pinch of alfalfa sprouts,  I didn’t measure them

Sauté pepper/onion mixture in a tsp of coconut oil.  While they are sautéing toast your bread. Top the toast with the pepper/onion mixture and a pinch or 2 of alfalfa sprouts.  Cook eggs in a tsp of coconut oil and sprinkle with Himalayan salt and pepper.  Top the veggies with the eggs! Enjoy!

21 Day Fix & 21 day fix extreme: 1 red, 1 green,  2 yellow,  2 tsp

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