Best Cookbook EVER!


Today I was like a kid at Christmas!  I knew my Fixate cookbook was going to be delivered today,  but I wasn’t sure when. I will admit that I sort of stalled getting my workout started just in case it showed up. I finally pushed play and knocked out Lower Fix & quickly took shower afterwards.  The moment had arrived when I was fixing my Shakeology!  The kids saw the mail man leave a package in the mailbox.  Eekkk! I could hardly wait!  I had one of the twins ride her bike to the mailbox since it was the fastest mode of transportation for her! Let me tell you…I didn’t waste anytime opening up that beautiful box from Beachbody! 

Hmm…now that I had this little gem in my hands the hardest part was deciding which mouth watering recipe to make first!  Trust me, when you get your copy you will understand! 


I was trying to read through it while nursing this cute little guy!  Well, he kept trying to grab it. For now he will just get these amazing dishes second hand!  I have to say my milk supply has been superb while doing the 21 day fix! Soon enough he will be indulging in these healthy recipes.

Tonight I decided to try the Protein Waffles!  OMG!! If you are on the fence about ordering the cookbook,  it is so worth it for just these waffles! 


Our 20 month old is an extremely picky eater! To the point she mainly eats oatmeal,  yogurt, cheese, milk, and peanut butter.  If I try giving her a new food she will throw it up! Well, thank you,  thank you,  thank you Autumn for these delicious waffles!  She ate two tonight!


It has vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and paleo – friendly recipes!

If you are ready to order your copy,  click here.

Want a FREE copy? Send me a message on how to get yours at 


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