21 Day Fix Pina Colada Overnight Steel-Cut Oats


If you have been following me either here, facebook, or instagram you will know that I LOVE my overnight steel-cut oats!  Earlier this week I got a killer deal on pineapple…only $0.98 each instead of $3.99 each!   As I was trying to go to sleep last night I was thinking of new ways to enjoy my favorite breakfast!  Then it hit me!  Why not Pina Colada! I know in many parts of the country it is cold and wintery.  Well, Colorado is a very strange place to live in the winter. It is nothing like Alaska or South Dakota!  We can have cold and blowing snow one day and the next 50 degrees.  Despite the weird weather here, I think we can call dream of being in a tropical location with a Pina Colada.  Well, now you can enjoy that amazing combination of pineapple and coconut and still work on getting that bikini ready body!

(I like to make a few each Sunday to have ready in the refrigerator.  I don’t always have them for breakfast.  If I need to run some errands, but don’t have a ready to grab snack ready, I take one of these with me!)

Pina Colada Overnight Steel-Cut Oats serves 1

1 blue container of steel-cut oats

1 blue container of unsweetened Almond milk

1 red container of Greek yogurt

1/2 orange container of unsweetened shredded coconut or coconut flakes (we use the flakes since out picky 2 year old loves to eat them as a snack)


1 purple container of pineapple (I used fresh, but I am sure frozen would work too.)

Put ingredient in a jar in order listed.  I then put the lid on and store in the refrigerator at least overnight.  I usually make 4-5 at a time.

21 day fix: 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 purple, 1/2 orange

If you are interested in joining one of my Challenge groups, please email me at tonistoothoff@hotmail.com


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