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Fit for Summer Challenge

fit for summer challenge

Fit for Summer!

Join FREE or with a Challenge Pack!

I’m looking for 10 people who are ready to get in shape, build muscle and feel great all from home over the summer! I will be sharing tips to stay on track while on vacation, recipes, meal planning tips and more! Plus I will be giving PRIZES!!
So lets get your Summer Transformation started! Here’s the options:

Option #1: Join Free!
You can join our challenge completely free and access all your workouts online, you’ll have access to all our recipes and meal planning and can join us in the full challenge to win prizes! or if you already have a Beachbody program without a coach you’re welcome to join with what you have!

Option #2: Challenge Pack!
Are you really serious about getting results? I have the perfect plan for you! Your kit will include a full plan of action, the package has a complete workout DVD set (30 minutes a day!) You can do anytime that works best for you! As well as a customizable, easy to follow meal plan and portion control container system and a complete meal included for a full month (dense nutrition to help with a clean eating lifestyle) With this package you’ll have everything you need to repeat as many challenges as you want with us and you only need to get this one kit to do do that!

You’ll be added to my secret online challenge group where we all start together!

We have recipes and meal plan guides, grocery lists and printable journal trackers all FREE with your package.

You’ll be taking your before photos and measurements at the start and checking in with us every day to stay accountable and log in your workouts in our “virtual gym” best results at the end of the challenge win even more PRIZES!

To join:
1. Send me a friend request! https://www.facebook.com/toni.stoothoff
2. Comment ADD ME below!

I’ll message you pricing on the challenge pack or get you set up with the free profile and add you to the group! You’re going to LOVE this.

We officially start June 13th! (This week is Preseason)

Arms & Shoulders Workout