Country Heat Test Group


{ Dance Workout Challenge }

Join Now!
Ready for a FUN way to get in shape from home? Without expensive equipment or child care?
I am putting together a test group for this brand new fun dance workout and you’re invited to join me!
I am not a dancer…I have no coordination 🙈 but as a stay at home mom I have GOALS and I can easily pop in a dvd and learn! In this video I’m trying it out for the first time! The choreography gets more in depth as it goes on but it is easy to follow and I was drenched in sweat at the end!
This is so much fun and my kids are loving that they can workout with me! It’s so cool that this is teaching me how to dance and it’s a fun low impact way to get a workout in without any equipment!
By join this test group you’ll get:
• Me as your FREE coach! I have a private group set up with grocery lists, meal prep and family friendly recipes all to help you reach your goals and maintain your results!
Your first step will be to take before pics and measurements and get your hands on this new dance challenge pack which will have everything you need to get started!
• Your kit will include the brand NEW Country Heat dvd workout program, it has multiple workouts with a different one assigned for each day for maximum results! You can do it anytime of day when you can fit it in!
• A simple, easy to follow meal plan that will teach you correct portions for your goals. It clearly lays out a blueprint so you know what types of foods you should eat and what you shouldn’t. It’s completely customizable for your lifestyle! No counting calories! So easy to follow!
• Just for joining and participating in the challenge with everyone you’ll have the chance to win some awesome prizes at the end!
AND… For getting started with me, I’m sending all my new challengers a welcome package which includes a meal planning journal to help you get started on reaching your goals as my free gift to welcome you!
To join:
2. Send me a friend request
I’ll message you the options to start!



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