Beachbody Coaching

Beachbody Coaching


Did you know that not all Beachbody coaches are alike? Surprise! But it is true! Beachbody coaches often make the decision to become a coach for a few different reasons, they often approach the business opportunity differently, and have different goals and dreams.  Most likely though, all Beachbody coaches fit into one of these three categories…

Discount Coach: 
You LOVE the products, especially Shakeology, and you want to save a little extra cash every month! As a discount coach you save 25% off  EVERYTHING you buy including your Shakeology shakes. You don’t have to do anything, no team to build, nothing to sell in fact, you don’t ever have to sell a thing. If people ask you how you got your amazing results you can have them purchase from your website and you will receive a commission.  You love the great deal and saving $$$.

Challenge Group Coach:  Beachbody and their products changed your life and your body, you love them so much you want to pay it forward! You want to inspire and help others reach their health & fitness goals, and if you can make a few hundred extra dollars per month doing it…WHOO HOOO!!! You aren’t super interested in building a team, but wouldn’t turn anyone away either. You plan to start learning the ropes and growing your team slowly, your plan is to grow at your own pace.  You start out running challenge groups by teaming up with your coach until you are ready to tackle it on your own.  You love the products and want to share them with others!

Business-Building Coach: 
You have been completely LIT UP on the inside by the lives Beachbody has changed and are ready to go ALL IN!! You are INSPIRED and BELIEVE in yourself, this company and you are PASSIONATE about helping others! You are ready to learn and strive towards making a significant income by helping others become the best they can be.  You want to participate and be active in the training opportunities your upline coach has to offer.  You are ready to build a business.  Ready to make your dreams come true!

All of these types of coaches are great. Beachbody has become the amazing company it is because of these kinds of coaches.  What kind of coach are you?