There are so many things I want share with you about Shakeology: the ingredients, all of the amazing things it can do for your body, how nutritious and healthy it is, what doctors say about it etc.
 I will post some of the answers to those questions below for you, But I also want to share with you Why I Love it and what it has done for me!


So why do I love Shakeology?
  • It is a NOT “just a protein shake”, but a TRUE nutrient dense, healthy meal replacement shake packed full of 70+ Super Foods.
  • It is not a “lose weight quick” gimmick.  You WILL lose weight if you replace a meal daily with it, but there is nothing in it that will make you lose weight. It is not a “diet” Shake.
  • It has the equivalent of approximately 9-11 vegetable servings in each shake.
  • I am a busy mom, and I get that afternoon slump! I would get so tired and hungry and CRAVE something sweet around 3:00.  Not anymore!  I love my afternoon snack!  It is so DELICIOUS and FILLING!  I get that extra boost to get me through the afternoon without a case of the Mom “Grouchies” or “Snackies”.  Plus I know I am giving myself something HEALTHY even though it tastes like a TREAT!
  • It keeps me full for AT LEAST 3-4 hours.
  • It is easy, convenient and taste great!
  • The vegan chocolate, vanilla, and cafe latte flavors are DELICIOUS!  I have tried all of them, but those are my favorites! (You can order a sample pack if you are not sure which flavor you would like.)
  • Bottom of the bag guarantee!
Again, this is all MY personal experience, and I truly hope it helps you make your decision to try Shakeology  and see for yourself what it can do for you!
I will probably drink Shakeology as until forever :).  Did it help my digestive issues? I can say that my tummy is definitely much happier with me when I drink it daily!  I don’t claim it as a miracle drink and neither does Beachbody and that’s the biggest reason WHY I love it.  Shakeology is just a ridiculously tasty, super healthy, nutrient dense, and very convenient meal replacement option. I love it so in my opinion, it’s worth every penny.
To order go to:

If you have any questions, please contact me! or on facebook!

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