Ready for WINTER!

Let it SNOW!!! We finally took the girls out sledding last week. It had warmed up some…around 30 degrees! So we thought it would be fun for them! They like the snow, but weren’t too sure about sledding together! The snow was about 7 inches deep and fluffy, so it was hard to keep the sled balanced. Needless to say they tipped over a few times. Their snowsuits are very warm, but I think they also limited their freedom of movement! Which added to their frustration! Overall, we had a good time!

Look at us mom, we are little Snow Princesses!

Their new winter coats are wonderful! They haven’t worn them much because it has been “warm” for Fairbanks lately. But the temperatures are starting to dip below freezing! So, I am sure we will be using these everyday soon! The girls love the furry collar and cuffs!

What beautiful little girls you are growing up to be! I can’t believe they will soon be 1 1/2 years old! They are such a joy! They are such busy bodies these days. Trista is always trying to get behind the couch for some reason! And the both are little climbers! They love to play with each other! They will climb into their toy box and play together with dolls, puppies, or just about anything!

Tori in pink, Trista in purple.

Latley the love to play with the box that the diapers come in! Or the Wish Book catalogs! They always seem to find the page with puppies on it! They are starting to say more things now. I am sure it won’t be long before they are talking up a storm like their mommy!

Just thought you might like an update! I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! Wish we could have been with family!