My Babies are getting so BIG!

It is hard to believe that the girls are already 20 months old! It won’t be long before we are planning another birthday party for them! YIKES! They are so much fun and teach me to be patient ever day. They seem to be excited about the coming baby. They both love to hug and kiss my belly!
They have been sick off and on this winter! I am ready for spring to come, but spring doesn’t come up here until about the end of April first part of May! We have seen some moose in our yard and Tori and Trista both love to look for more moose each day! They are so cute!
They are talking more and more each day! They both love to read books! Which is a good thing, but some days I wish they could read to themselves! And they love to play with their baby dolls. The other day Trista was trying to change her baby, it was so adorable!