Strawberry “Cream” Steel Cut Overnight Oats


I’ve MOVED!  Get the recipe HERE!


59 thoughts on “Strawberry “Cream” Steel Cut Overnight Oats

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      • I have done both rolled oats and steel cut. The rolled oats taste like mush, I really did not like it. That said, it was not inedible, but steel cut is much better!


      • old fashion oats are much better than the steel cut oats, the steel cut is hard and crunchy, no bueno the old fashion was much more enjoyable.


      • I have never had an issue with the steel cut oats being crunchy. I put the milk in, then oats topped with yogurt and fruit. Be sure to leave them in the fridge overnight…the longer they are in the fridge the softer they get.


  2. I am confused… says 1 blue container of dry steel cut oats, but then below that when you give the container count, it says 1 yellow? HELP! Do you use the blue or yellow container to measure your uncooked oats?


  3. What’s the consistency of these overnight steel cut oats? I’m really late to the overnight oat train, only a month ago I tried for the very first time…the recipe called for rolled oats, but since I’m in the process of giving up instant oats, my alternative was steel cut. And I’d have to say, nothing happened overnight…I literally felt like I put oats in milk and had it for cereal the next morning. I was expecting a creamy consistency…but I got crunch.


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  5. I made this using steel cut oats and added a banana. It was so yummy! I’ve also made it with a frozen berry mix. Both are very good! Thanks for this idea. I make it often for my breakfast.


  6. I would use this recipe (found in pinterest) BUT WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT RED BLUE YELLOW…? Like is this supposed to be something people just know?… guess I’ll click to the next recipe. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be instead of simply telling measurements ?? So confused


  7. Trying this for the first time tonight…very easy to fix. Can’t wait for breakfast in the morning! Thanks for the recipe!


  8. This sounds yummy. Do you think coconut milk would be ok as a substitute? I have a nickel allergy and almonds are off limits.


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